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Green carbon fiber money clip


Carbon money clip 

Do you want to reduce the size of your wallet and only carry the cards and cash you truly need. Money clips are made for the bare minimum of cards and cash that is needed on a daily basis. With a carbon fiber money clip, you will become part of the fashion trends with a slim style and you will create awareness around yourself.  

Our carbon fiber money clip is designed to carry the essentials and it can hold up to 8 cards and many bills. This light-weighted money clip made from carbon fiber will last forever and it will keep its' stiffness and looks for years to come. 

The green money clip provides the right amount of force to hold your cards and bills and it allows for both small and big amounts. It can literally hold as little as 1 single credit card. 

 - Made from real carbon fiber 

- Light-weighed money clip - 12 grams

- Holds up to 50 folded bills

- Tested with 8 cards and 13 bills - no problem

- Green high-gloss design

- Rounded corners for smoothness 

- Dimension: 7.0 cm x 3.6 cm x 1.3 cm



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