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The utilization of carbon fiber in car and racing industry

carbon carbonfiber pagani huayra supercar

Since the launch of carbon fiber in the industry, it has undergone many innovations and thus most of the things that we cannot imagine are now manufactured with carbon fiber. You must be aware of the fact that carbon fiber is now finding its ways into the automotive industry as well.

This lightweight and durable material have been the prime attention of the automotive manufacturers since Ferrari released the formula 1 car made from it.

Carbon fiber and the automotive industry

In the very beginning, it was considered that carbon fiber could not be utilized to make cars. However, the automotive engineers proved it wrong and manufactured a vehicle using carbon fiber. It should be kept in mind that only the body of the car was manufactured with it and not the internal machinery.

Today many of the major automotive manufacturers are working on this. In order to make it possible most of the companies have joined forces and it is expected that by 2020 most of the construction of automotive will be made of carbon fiber composite.

Pagani Huayra the supercar

In 1980 when the carbon fiber gained importance on a large scale an engineer at the Lamborghini was determined to manufacture a car using this composite material. However, after continuous begging and still given no interest he took the matters into his own hands and applied for a loan. When he got the loan, he bought the required material and started to work on the carbon fiber vehicle for the first time.  

Soon he was able to manufacture a vehicle that was a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum but it was still not enough to satisfy his boss at Lamborghini. As his ideas were not given the respect it deserved and with the release of the carbon fiber car F40 by Ferrari, Pagani took action himself.

Pagani took the brave step and left the company with his gained knowledge. He worked on his project and soon released the supercar with the name of Pagani Huayra. It is equipped with the following remarkable features:

  • M158, twin turbo V12 6.0-liter engine
  • 700 horsepower
  • A maximum speed of 220 mph

The supercar was named after the South African God of wind. The car was launched online on 25 January 2011 and the public release took place in March 2011 in the Geneva Auto Salon. It provided many of the automotive manufacturers a new hope that light-weighted cars can be manufactured using carbon fiber composite.



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