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Garia Mansory Golf Car

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The ultimate golf car is now available thanks to hard work from the Danish Company Garia. A new international cooperation with Mercedes-Benz have resulted in the most luxurious golf car you can imagine. The Garia Golf Car will make every golfer turn their heads towards this beauty. With Garia Mansory Accessories it is possible to give the Garia a new appearance with carbon fiber material, while further enhancing the quality and luxury of the golf car.  

Garia Mansory Golf Car

Carbon Fiber Mansory Interior

The Garia Mansory golf car comes with a carbon fiber steering wheel with or without a scorecard clip. Behind the wheel is the instrument cluster found with all the relevant information needed in on place. This instrument cluster is handcrafted in a clear-coated carbon fiber. The dashboard and cooler lid is covered in waterproof leather. The Garia Mansory golf car also comes with carbon fiber side mirror, cup holder, front and rear mud guards, bumper trim and a rear logo panel handcrafted in clear-coated carbon fiber.

Garia Mansory Golf Car

Carbon Fiber Golf Accessories

If the Garia golf car is too extreme for now, you can start with small carbon fiber accessories. A divot tool made from carbon fiber and designed to repair any ball marks on the green will be a perfect match. If you want to see more about the divot tool, just click here.

Carbon fiber divot tool black

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