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Carbon Fiber Yacht Can Be The Future!

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Carbon fiber has been used in manufacturing of aerospaces, sports equipment, military and other high performance products. It has been a norm to use carbon fiber in high level yacht due to the many advantages carbon fiber have. The Anvera 55S uses carbon fiber for the hull and deck.

Carbon fiber boat

Why carbon fiber for yachts?

  • High strength 
  • Light weighted
  • Increase speed
  • Fuel efficiency 
  • Complex structures and shapes
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Smooth finish

Benetti Fisker 50 luxury yacht.

Benetti Fisker 50 is a new modern yacht developed by Benetti's engineering team with Fisker's dynamic sporty design. A super yacht including beach club, spa, several bars, Jacuzzi, sunbathing areas on multiple desks and water toys. A future owner can have 12 sleeping guest on board and 11 crew members. The design of Benetti Fisker 50 uses black carbon fiber to highlight the connection between the layout and the serenity of the ocean.     

Carbon Fiber Yacht Henrik Fisker

How is the yachts build?

The material for building these marine constructions is know as carbon fiber reinforced plastic or carbon fiber reinforced polymer. In order to get a high strength to weight ratio, carbon fibers are reinforced with resin to create the right building material. 
The benefits of carbon fiber yachts are a much lighter vessel overall, which will reduce fuel consumption and potentially maximize speed. As a bonus carbon fiber serves as a natural sound-reducing material and makes less vibration than aluminum or fiberglass. 



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