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Carbon Fiber Clothing and Accessories

3d printing carbon carbonfiber clothing shoehorn what is carbon fiber

The industry of carbon fiber production has been through dramatic innovation and expansion, and is starting to find its ways into clothing and wearable as well. Several designers and manufacturers try to incorporate carbon fiber material into their products and others try to use 3D printing such as Scott and Sylvia. They have used 3D printing technology to make a carbon fiber dress and a coat.  

Carbon fiber clothing black

Carbon Fiber Shoes and Shoe Horn

Having a unique set of footwear attracts attention and using carbon fiber will definitely make people turn their heads. This strong yet lightweight material is a perfect fit for your shoes, since you want your shoes to last a really long time and still feel comfortable. These shoes are often crafted from coated carbon fiber fabric which gives a classic and modern look. The Loriblu black shoe is a great example of this. 

Carbon fiber shoe black

Apart from having the perfect footwear you also need the appropriate accessories for your style, and here is the carbon fiber shoe horn a great choice. Look like a boss when taking your shoes on. This exclusive carbon fiber product is lightweight yet ultra strong, so you don't have to worry about broken shoehorns as the traditional plastic and wooden ones.

Shoehorn made from 100% carbon fiber




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